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Rx Princeps™

Rx PrincepsTM is a new option for doctors who want to prescribe medical cannabis. Prescribing Rx Princeps™ with the Rx Princeps™ inhalation device enables their patients to optimize the benefits of medical cannabis through the intake of a fixed dose of product, thereby ensuring consistency of treatment with a standardized high-quality product.

What is Rx Princeps™ ?

Rx Princeps™ is a unique blend of 3 strains of medical cannabis. Its production has been standardized in order to ensure a lot-to-lot consistent composition in its active ingredients (THC and CBD). Rx Princeps™ is composed of the same medical cannabis blend used to produce PPP001, which has demonstrated its safety in the Phase 1 clinical trial of PPP001.

Where to find Rx Princeps™ ?

Patients who want to purchase Rx Princeps™ in Canada need a prescription from their physicians and to register with our partner, Licensed Producer Aphria, at  or to call 1 844 427-4742.

Aphria grows and produces medical cannabis under a strict quality management program. Tetra chose Aphria as its partner because their production processes were adopted from the highly restricted and regulated pharmaceutical industry, and go above and beyond cannabis industry regulations mandated by Health Canada. As a result, Aphria’s products are in line with the strict quality standards Tetra is establishing for the medical community and its patients.

How to use Rx Princeps™ ?

In order to ensure consistency of treatment, we recommend taking a fixed dose of 280 mg (1/4 of a teaspoon) several times a day, according to your Doctor’s prescription. This dose is equivalent to an average 26.5 mg of THC per dose within 15 minutes.

Rx Princeps™ is to be smoked using Rx Princeps™ Inhalation Device or rolling a joint. Smoking with Rx Princeps™ Inhalation Device will ensure consistency of treatment, as well as optimize the potency of the product, while minimizing wastes for the patient.

We recommend following dose titration method developed in the phase 1 clinical trial the first week of treatment in order to minimize side effects traditionally experienced with cannabis.

How can I prescribe Rx Princeps™ ?

If you are a physician and want to know more about Rx Princeps™ and the phase 1 clinical trials results, please contact our medical science liaison Dr Vincent A. Jourdain, Ph.D. at