TBP invests significant time and capital into a continuous and sustainable pipe line
of products based on patient needs and driven by scientific R and D:



  • PPP002
    Insomnia a comorbidity in chronic pain patients.
    Botanical drug to increase quality sleep in patients suffering from chronic pain.


  • PPP003*
    Combination product – oral administration.
    Chronic pain, PTSD and other neurologic and psychiatric conditions.
    Compete against GW with proprietary extracts.


  • PTGR*
    Topical prescription drug for pain management.


NHP Products

  • AGT001*
    Topical product for pain management.


  • AGT002 product line-oral*
    Cardiovascular disease prevention, athletic performance, and well-being.


  • AGT003 product line*
    Topical products for skin care.


  • AGT004*
    Topical for women – quality of life.